Good, but not quite. it gets boring

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy III DS
THis game was quite pretty good. Its graphics are good for a DS game, and the bos fights were pretty fun.
The major downfall of this game was, that its was kind of too hard.
there was a temple where you fight a medusa, and the temple was pretty long, and you can save the game while you are inside the temple.
And if you die during or at the medusa battle you have to do the whole thing over agian. Another downfall was, the crystal tower was extremely long, you have to fight 6 bosses in a row, and you can save it. And a death between these boss battles will cost you hours of play time, so you have to raise your party members levels very high.
And this game was too short about 12 bosses and the game is over.
and there is a cheat that you can skip all of the bosses except for the 6 bosses at the crystal tower. ( if you dont believe me, i read a strategy guide that shows you how to skip all the bosses. )
Despite all of its downfalls, I will tell you all of the good parts of this game.
Fun, addicting boss battles were fun. Great graphics for a DS game. And also, the interent wifi connection that lets you send mails to your friends was really good. That was really imressive, since you can actually connect with your friends. But this game has on, single disapointting downfall. The replay value is really low. After you beat the game, ou can fight the previous bosses you fought, and even if you start another game in another file, its still kinda boring, since the start of this game was pretty boring. So the replay value of this game is moderately low. And this game gets really boring at the middle of the game. two of my friends bought this game along me, and they got bored and gave up this game at the next week. I got bored at first, but I managed to finish it. Well this game is only good for a rent. so the bottom line is, rent this game first.