Final Fantasy 3 is a solid RPG, with plenty of jobs, bosses, and equiptment.There is only a minor letdown in the story.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy III DS
Game Play 8/10 :
I was surprised that battles are so simple, for the first part of the game all you do is attack, but that changes once you get new jobs. There are plenty of battles to keep you entertained though.

Graphics 10/10:
Final Fantasy 3 has some of the best graphics for a Nintendo DS game. Characters and bosses are perfectly designed. Summonings are some of the most detailed things in the game. Final Fantasy 3 has a perfect score of 10/10 for graphics.

Story Line 8.5/10:
A first the story seems boring, but it soon changes. The story provides plenty of different bosses. There also sidequests to unlock Onion Knight, and the hidden dungeon with a special boss. Final Fantasy 3 has a great story line that makes it worth while.

Jobs 9.5/10:
This game has a great arsenal of jobs,with great variety. Each job has unique abilities, that are effective against certain bosses. The problem with jobs are the fact that you don't unlock them all at once. Some jobs I recommend are:
Knight, Ninja, Dragoon, Devout, and Summoner.