Great game for Android! ...Still a weak game overall.

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy III AND
I played the first release of the FF3 remake on the DS, and my impressions were much the same for that platform. However, I will say that Android is probably an even better platform for the game; this is partly because I never liked the DS, but the improved 3-D graphics of the game really shine at Android's higher resolutions (meanwhile, the textures remain crappy enough that it runs as smooth as butter on most phones).

Yes, this is me singing the praises of FF3. However, the game is flawed. The characters and storyline are dull, even moreso since the fancy CGI cutscenes of the DS version have been taken out. The music is, at times, gut-wrenchingly repetitive. I know this is a Square Enix specialty, but in this game it's particularly obvious.

As the game progresses, if you don't grind out dozens of extra boring battles, which you're usually thrown into anyway every couple of steps you take, you'll end up spending even more time getting frustrated by the game, since you can only save on the world map and repeating dungeons is a nightmare. Nuances like this are enough to turn off many first-time users who haven't looked at walkthroughs or played the game before.

Walkthroughs are a must if you want to find all the extremely valuable and prevalent hidden items, and at times, without them, you can spend too long looking for the next destination or never finding it. This presents the discomfort of having to switch between your game and your browser to peek at a walkthrough, then switching back.

The only two things that go in this game's favor are the class system, which gives the game a dumbed down FF Tactics sort of feel, allowing you to change weapons, armor, and abilities, and the ease of fighting enemies on your smart phone. Battles usually consist of tapping the middle of the screen half-heartedly, trying to get them over with as quickly as possible. You literally don't even need to look at the screen to complete 99% of the battles.

So... Boring, repetitive, and quite lackluster at times. So why am I giving the game a 7? Because Android is a capable platform and this game is a welcome addition. Now we just need Final Fantasy games that suck a little less...