Final Fantasy III is a great NES classic that still lives on to this day!

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy III NES

Game: Final Fantasy III
Genre: RPG
Developer: Squaresoft/Squareenix
System: Nintendo (NES)
Total Score: 80/100
Value Score: 8/10

• Story: 7/10

• Characters: 7/10

• GamePlay: 8/10

• Graphics: 6/10

• Sound: 9/10

• Music: 10/10

• Length: 8/10

• Replay Value: 6/10

• Player Value: 9/10


+Great combat system for its time

+Customizable characters both in fighting style and name

+Auto Targeting system implemented which the first two games did not have

+Great design for sprites and enemies

+Great sound effects which become a trademark feature in later installations

+Incredible OST created by one of the best in the industry

+Lengthy adventure which will require a bit back tracking, leveling up and exploration


-Storyline not as well developed as its predecessor

-Main characters with a lack of story or background

-Lack of Auto-Targeting with Magic

-Some of the classes/jobs are useless and serve little to no purpose.

-Lack of a Map feature during the Overworld.

-Beginning of game starts off slow and usually requires some grinding to get anywhere.

-Battle maps usually have small amount to no detail at all.

-There's a point in the game where you can breeze through but when you get near end game if you didn't grind, you'll be severely under leveled.

-A lot of grinding is necessary for some mid tier parts of the game and at the end game.