RPG in all its glory..and..err..horror..

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls GBA
2 games in 1. You can't go wrong with this one. Especially if its Final Fantasy.
But it's more than just the hype. It's more than just the title.
It's RPG in its full golden glory.

So here's my review:

+ 16-bit graphic is never a letdown. Unless your a graphic troll.
+ Gameplay is basic. Imagine your favorite RPG without the fuss
and confusing gameplay "gimmicks".
+ The BGM's are very subtle although nothing worth noting...
One must have earphones....
+ Story's plot is very simple, but hey this is FF1 not FF7. This is
where it all started...

- Nothing much to do after you play the game except for playing it
all again with different characters
- Boss fights are very easy..Usually last around 2-5 turns if you
know your way around.

+ Refreshing and somewhat awkard leveling up system.
+ Darker storyline with decent character development.
+ BGM's are better and a lot somber...Earphones!!! Not unless
your a music troll, too...

- The leveling-up system. In FF2, there's no leveling up of
characters instead you level up their stats and magic.
- The leveling-up system is subject to abuse.... but with a catch,
you must have lots of patience...
- Some charactes come and go, which can be annoying...
- There's only few places you can go at world maps...

All in All = I'd call it a great game with few minor misgivings...But it's worth the play.

Now buy it and pay your respects. :D