Despite its age, still is on par with the current RPGs!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls GBA
Released originally 19-21 years ago, Final Fantasy I&II pioneered some of the many features that we see in today's modern RPGs. Some of those features include MPs, HPs, experience points, etc. While both games may look like nothing graphic-wise in comparison to todays games, you still got to cut them some slack. In terms of music, it was astonishing to the point that I swear I was humming/singing along to the music in both games. When it comes to story, Final Fantasy I had no story. You just controlled 4 characters of which you have no background info. on and save the world and restore the 4 crystals. Final Fantasy II had more of a story that was captivating as well as heart-wrenching. As for what goes on, I will leave that to you as to not spoil the fun for everyone. Overall though, I recommend this game to those who own the GBA, those are already Final Fantasy fans and need to explore their roots, or those who want to become Final Fantasy fans like myself.