Good as Collection

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls GBA
Right now I am playing this game. For an RPG fans, I like Final Fantasy. Even this is not my first Final Fantasy, the first Final Fantasy I am playing is FF IX. So I can't say this is my nostalgic game. I just curious for the legendary Final Fantasy, that's why the first game I choose to play after buying GBA is this game. The 1st thing I notice is the graphic, of course no good as Final Fantasy IX I am playing before. But the exiting to play legendary Final Fantasy make me not to attention the graphic, I only understood as the early game of Final Fantasy. For puzzle and solution or what to have to do next it's quite frustration, we have to explore the world of Final Fantasy or talking with NPC to find the way. Even the enemy's weak enough even for the Boss (how could Boss can be so weak??) but the random battle some times can make you go mad. Specially while you looking for the right path, you should carry enough potion and ether for your heroes. For the map, I regretted the lack of the map during in dungeon. Really made frustration searched in each corner of the room was increased with random battle. Again it consumed a lot of potion and ether. But after all, playing Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls is very funtastic. Worthy to collection as the legendary game. I just finished playing Final Fantasy II. Surprisingly the sequel more though than the first. It can say you must heal up every time. I don't know how many times my man get down and have to reload again(something that often I suffer in the 1st Final Fantasy). The system also change in the sequel. Your hero no longer have class (even that, you should place the weapon for the right one), the magic developed every time you use it (so you only buy it once), less of HP and MP but powerful enemies. You'll see a new weapon, bow. If you finished the game you get extra game.