Great Spin Off, Tells A Unique, Fun Story About The Delightfull Little Chocobos.

User Rating: 8.2 | Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon DS
GOOD: Fantastic graphics and special effects; the card battling are suprsisingly good; 100+ cards; long intresting story; fun mini games; BAD: Some minigames drive you up the wall: Graphical errors may appire; GAMEPLAY:
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales is a delightfull game on the go, if you've been on Warioware touched then this is what its like, its a game full of mini games that uses the touch screen and mic perffectly weather its controling your character, drawing trampolines or useing it to battle with your collected cards.
There are tons of Mini games in the game that all revoles around the story, the games are hidden in books which you must complette to advance in your story, you somtimes have to go back into the samee book but do a different difficulty level which adds replay value, there are also micro games founded all over the free roam world were you can earn lots of powerfull and rare battle cards, specking of which, the cards are suprisingly good, its abit like rock paper siccors were you must match your attack to there blank spot to do damage or match your shield to there attack to defend your HP, each cards to different amount of damage and different abilliies

The graphics in the game are awesome, there 3D characters are smooth and colourfull, the world itself i cant say the same but there still awesome, the most impressive part of the graphics are the pop up cards, the monsters you summon look fantastic and run smoothly. there are some minor errors though.

Funky background music and the classic and rememberal victory music and other music from past games are in this one, abit crackly on the ds though.

Its suly a fun exsperiance little game on the go with great visuals its a game everyone will like weather you like final fantasy or not.