good fun game with simple but yet effective graphics includes one of the final fantasy fans fave characters the c

User Rating: 9 | Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon DS
after playing this game i thought 'wow that was a fun experience' it was a simple yet good. this game has all the makings of an instant classic as it has cool graphics and fun gameplay.
this game includes lots of minigames so you dont get bored and there is a good storyline to it which is easily grasped by younger players. i think that this game is aimed at the younger generation and it is very effective. i played the game to see if it compared to other final fantasy games but found out it does not. it is not even the same sort of game so cannot be put in the same catagory it is a fun game full of mini games that you cant get enough of.
also there is a trading card game set into the big game which you get rewarded with more cards the more mini games you play.
this game is good and easy for all people young and old and you will be hooked from the first to the last minute, even if you didnt like other final fantasy games you should still have a go.
a 9/10 as its just plain fun and an a+