Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales Cheats For DS

  1. Music Player

    In order to unlock the music player, complete the Story Mode. This option will then be available in the Sound menu, available in the main screen, by clicking the purple option in the lower part of the screen.

    Contributed by: Mykas0 

  2. Get ''Omega Cannon'' card

    To get the Omega Cannon, select "Send" from the main menu and "Download Card." Press the L button twice, then Up, the B button twice, then Left on the D-pad.

    Contributed by: isitstill 

  3. Bonus Cards (EU/AU/NZ versions only!)

    Go to "Download Pop-Up Card" and enter the following codes while it says "Looking for available Downloads".

    Effect Effect
    R, Y, Right, Down, L, A Chocobo
    Right, L, Y, Right, Down, Up Omega
    A, L, Left, Up, R, R Ragnarok
    Down, X, R, Right, A, B Shinryu
    L, Up, Right, B, A, B Ultima Weapon

    Contributed by: Arkrex 

  4. Bonus Cards (Japanese Version Only)

    Select "Present" at the main menu, select "Pop-up Duel Card Download", and enter the code during the screen says "Searching For Downloadable Data".

    Effect Effect
    L, Y, R, X, A, B Chocobo
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Y, A Omega
    X, B, R, L, A, Y Ragnarok
    Down, Y, Right, B, Up, A Shinryu
    Up, A, B, R, L, X Ultima Weapon

    Contributed by: Karlo918 

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