Dam addictive. another oddly rated game...

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Chiisana Ousama to Yakusoku no Kuni WII
I dunno how this got as low as a 5.0 ...

sure, it might be shallow, sure it may cost a bit of money, but we have to look at the other values.

for a wii ware title, this game is a dam good contender in comparison to other games that are already out. even tho they say its repetitive, its REALLY hard to put it down. of course i go thru the same task every day, but for some reason, putting up those behests and waiting to see results is oddly entertaining.

I personally say this wasnt a disgrace to the two titles (FF, and CC) if anything it was a refreshing twist. rather than being the adventurer, now youre the king that rarely gets enough spotlight on what he really does.

The whole discussion about buying the new races shouldnt really be a problem either. if one were to take a quick look at the map and see there are limited lots, then thinking logically, there are limited ammounts of adventurers, then duh, dont make them all clavats at once! the buyable races werent a waste, but a great addition, giving also new places to explore.

all in all, the downloadable content was useful in the games long term adventure, and the game itself is a new light to the series.

heres hoping for new expansions and new series of such.