It's good to be bad!

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Hikari to Yami no Himegimi to Sekai Seifuku no Tou WII
The return of the the Crystal Chronicle series to the Wii was a bit of a suprise. Personally never finding out when it was truly coming out made today all the better when I came home to find it as a new Wii Ware.

I came home to a very interesting sequel to my favorite Wii Ware game.

Setting the very interesting story of the fall of the old Darklord and the rise of the main character, Mira, the Darklords daughter, came quick and gave the objective of the game right away.
As you conquered the bad guys in My Life as a King, My Life as a Darklord boomerangs you back through similar landscapes and former allies such as Chime and thief veterans of the original Crystal Chronicles, the Striped Apples gang, to retake what was taken from the monsters. I give the story a 9.5.

The graphics are beautiful as with most of the series' games have been but there is very little difference in the back drop of each battle until you unlock more floor types for your tower. I give the graphics a 9.0.

Game controllers are very simple and to describe them would be mocking anyone who has ever played even pong. I give them a 10.

Game play can get monotonous. Each level has a similar goal, defend. As you progress you unlock a variety of floors, helpful items and new monsters you can summon to protect your tower. So far I have unlocked Goblins, Scorpions and Mu for monsters. With this vast variety of helpful collectibles and the eventual release of custom content for the game, each player can build unique towers and experiences, giving the game a slight opening for replay. I give game play an 9.0

Overall the game looks to be a fun and frantic diversion from large scale adventure games and taps into more of the strategic feel that previous Final Fantasy games have given gamers. I see this game as being another unrated classic.