Much better than ring of fates!

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time DS
Lets get this straight. This is not an rpg its a dungeon crawler now lets begin.

The game begins with a lovely video describing an unknown event however what else is special about this is that on a whole this game looks brilliant for ds. After this you create your character choosing between differant races each with differant skills. After this you are thrown into an adventure that realy shines.

The dungeon crawling on your own is very fun although some iffy AI can be a right pain although they are much more mangeable thanks to the fact thaat you can change their AI behavior. They can also help stack magic something they didn't do in ring of fates.

However go online and all the action just becomes brilliant as you go through with strangers or friends. The game also has some preset messages for chat. Which also adapt to you for instance if you are healed by an ally you click a small icon to bring up the games set of replies e.g. thank you.

The game is also very good in repeat play throughs especially on higher difficulty.
The games dungeons are often a good length and are fun with differant routes and secrets on replays.
The bosses also are worth a mention as they are usuaally humongus.
Apart from the occasional lag online the multiplayer is smooth and fun. And the best cooperative online game on the ds.

All in all apart from AI issues this is an amazing game that you should own.