One of the greatest games I have played in a while.

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time WII
When I first played the game, the screen killed me. I thought "I hate ports" and ended up not playing it for a day. I got back on it to get my moneys worth and after a while it started to grow on me, and so I played it for like 5 hours straight. I started to get into the game and really loved it, the music was catchy and better than a lot of other games. The story isn't amazing, but it was suspensful. I love the fmv, it was hard to believe someone was seeing that on a DS! The game was a good length as well, not too short, and even though sometimes it feels like you are going to the same place all over again, it didnt seem too repetitive. The outfits are cool! I have always hated the clothes (Vann!) that some characters wear in the other FF series. Multiplayer was great, sometimes laggy, but very fun! Overall I am very impressed, I never played any of the other CC series but I probably will now that I have played this. I highly recommend this game to anyone!