A somewhat dissapointing and lazy attempt from square, however it still has the charm and playability of the series.

User Rating: 5.5 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time WII
Its a traditional Crystal Chronicles game, a boy has to go out into the world of Crystals to become a man and help his village. He runs into many different and dangerous scenarios and puzzles, and levels up and comes home a saviour.

The Crystal Chronicle games on the DS are fun because they are above average role play and fantasy games following a simple but accessible story which anyone can enjoy. Patrons to the series are able to appreciate the systems unique way of displaying and portraying the game and so enjoy their dose of final fantasy goodness.
When a game is ported, or created for the Wii, I expect it to be a bit more polished and edited so that it equally belongs to that system. This game however is just like watching the DS version on your TV. The control system on the DS works beautifully. But on the Wii's version, adapting it for the controller has left movement difficult and fighting as sluggish.

I am a long serving fan of the Final Fantasy series and cant wait for Crystal Bearers, which is being designed for the system. This game however is mainly a disappointment. I plan to finish it and I plan to force myself to like it however this addition to the CC series seems shallow and repetitive, following the same basic scheme as Ring of Fates.

Graphics are not everything in a game. However there has been no upscale that I can see to make it look better on the wii, It even still has two screens side by side instead of the dual screens on the DS.

The story is where the game wins back a couple of points. Its still just as addictive, cute and charming as the series has come to be known for. The dialogue and script are well presented and the story flows well.

Most of the games armour, magic and menu systems are still routed in the traditional CC manor which is nice, and the music is pleasant and catchy.

Overall, this is a bargain for the £14 I paid for it, however if you cant find it for that price or less, i suggest looking elsewhere.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of time on the Wii and DS is the black sheep in the series as far as I am concerned, but in a franchise with 40+ games there are bound to be a couple I enjoy less. And its still fun, its still Final Fantasy, and so I cant knock it for that.