A great followup for the series. Original story with intense dungeon crawling amongst a plethora of challenging puzzles.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time DS
A very worthy sequel in the FFCC series. This game is one of the first to introduce voice acting to the DS and does a fine job in doing so. Character creation is rather shallow, but still allows some versatility between tribe and gender. The cast of characters is rather large but the game does well to not make use of all of them in depth. The multiplayer in game is a nice touch and players will often find themselves wanting a second or even third helping of the game. Dungeons are not to difficult nor are bosses but neither are they to easy. Character creation may not be that versatile but the racial skills and the ability to hone ones skills towards melee or magic is rather rewarding after your hard work. Combat is pretty straight foward and an improvement upon the original FFCC combat system. There are many extras in the game including multiple mini games ranging from quests to scratch off tickets and other small tid bits to whet your gaming appetite. This game is great and is for sure a keeper.