10 out of 10

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Anthology PS
It gets a 10 just for having the best Final Fantasy game ever made: FFVI. I'd give it more than that for including a game that hadn't been released in North America before. Even though FFV isn't my favourite by any stretch, it's still a good game with a good story. Making the anthology a must buy for any RPG fan, and especially for any Final Fantasy fan.

Final Fantasy VI has the most in depth story with the largest number of characters of any Final Fantasy game to date. Only 2 of the 14 characters you'll end up with don't have a large back ground story in the game. And even they have some of a story. There are also a few more characters that you gain temporary control of at various points.

The amount of time you can sink into this game before maxing out is nearly unatainable for the average gamer. It stops counting after a hundred hours, but there's more to do than in any game after FFVI with the exception of the online Final Fantasy XI. And yet you can beat the game in 15-30 hours or less.

It's sound track was and still is top notch. Very few games out there have had as memorable and touching music. The sound effects are about what you'd expect from a SNES title. Nothing flashy, but nothing bad. Todays standards would put the sound effects to shame, but for the time it was the best out there.

Graphics could pose a problem for many gamers today. It was originally released on the SNES, and only a cut scene before the game actually starts has been modified from the original version. Don't expect to see anything like the graphics you'll see today, but for the time it was perfect. I rate games by the standards of the time they were released in.