Two classics in one package.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Anthology PS
Both the games are in this collection are worth the price on their own. Final Fantasy V: FFV is far from the best but it still a great game. The graphics were good for their time but the dated may put some off and that's a shame. The fifth installment expands on the job system from FFIII and focuses more on gameplay then story. The story and characters are good but it is no way near as deep as either IV or VI. But it mostly makes up for it with the job system. You can build your party of four to your liking with their being many jobs to choose from. You can also use a second set of abilities to add even more customization. Which means you can have a knight who uses white magic or a monk with thief abilites and so on. FFV may not have the story that most in the series do but it has much more customization that most. Final Fantasy VI: FFVI is in my opinion the best game in the series. The job system is gone but it has a great story and gameplay as well. And it has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a game. The graphics are great for it's time, it looks quite a bit better than FFV. There a lot characters, over ten and they develop and have their place as the game goes along. Kefka is also one of the greatest villians in the series. The battles play out in the ATB system that's been seen many times by now. Each character has to wait their turn but aside from bosses most of the battles go quickly. Each character has their own set of abilites and when Espers(summons) come into play you can have each of them learn different magic. Both of these games are classics and they should be played if you are a fan of FF or rpgs and don't mind dated graphics. FFV made it's mark with it's job system and FFVI has it's compelling story and characters.