2 great classics in one collectors edition. worth every penny in your coin jar

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Anthology PS
5 was never released into america until this package came along being said if you are not an old-school RPG fan or a Final Fantasy Fan 5 is not for you while it has great RPG elements it will not appeal to mordern day RPGers being said I will focus on 6 rather than 5. If nothing 6 is one of the best RPG's on the planet it has solid gameplay, a great story and a very well put together cast of characters. you start out as a young girl named Terra who as lost her memories and is being used by a empire using Espers to try to take over the world. With such a indepth plot it is hard to describe it so well. The game offers many hours of gameplay which is a rather good thing it has loads of sidequests and offers alot of what you like to see in a game. the battle system is nothing out of the ordinary but all in all fun as turn-based RPG's come. If you enjoy RPG's you will definetly enjoy these two games packed into one.