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User Rating: 7.5 | Final Fantasy Anthology PS
Final Fantasy 5: a good game with afair story line about four crystals (wind, earth, fire, and water) four characters go to try to find the king and why the wind crystal scattered. The leveling system is normal (gain xp and level) but ther is many classes u can choose from (and i mean many 22) all characters can use them, its called the job system. the job system is a little annoying and the story is kinda original but the jobsystem also makes it fun with the many classes. the graphics arnt ps1 material.


Final Fantasy 6: a great story line with 14 playable characters. There is no job system (which makes things a little easier) and you level by gaining xp. All 14 characters hav unique storys, with ther own abilities. the only problem with this game is the graphics not really PS1 material.


Overall about 7.9/10