Old School Classics

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy Anthology: European Edition PS
This Final Fantasy Anthology version includes two classic games that, at least, worth playing. The first is FFIV, a great game that really worth twenty hours or so; the second one is FFV, a not-as-good game that at least deserve a look.
Final Fantasy IV is a great FF game that every rpg fan would like. It has a good history, really charismatic characters and good plot twists. What else you could want in a rpg game? Good graphics? Come on!!!
And Final Fantasy V is a painful FF game that probably drive you to the insanity if you are not a hardcore rpg player. Yes, the game is really hard. And furthermore, it does not have a good history or characters. So is more than probably that you leave the game off before finishing it.
Conclusion: FF Anthology is a great game for collectors, but is not really specially awesome.