We got IV and V in this masterful package in 2002 and IT WAS WORTH IT!

User Rating: 8.8 | Final Fantasy Anthology: European Edition PS
We European players, didnt get SNES versions of FFIV and FFV. Now, finally, we got Anthology which contained IV and V, in same package. And, it was worth it. Just hear my opinion here...

Gameplay: Turnbased battlesystem with 2D graphics. Not very strategic though, but its really great afterall

Graphics: Very oldschool. They could have remade graphics to these games, but who the hell cares about graphics?

Sound: Incredible soundtracks here. There is only one word for these soundtracks and its = PERFECT!

Value: Long games with sidequests. Got it?

Tilt: You should get it. JUST GET IT OK??? There isn't any reason, why you should'nt buy this game.