This should have been as well loved as Tekken.

User Rating: 7.5 | Fighting Vipers SAT
Look this is a straight up great game for a group of friends to play. Don't worry it's still fun to play the CPU. This like Tekken is easy to pick up and have fun with, but takes time to completly master. I like this game you are more inclined to fight your opponent being in a cage style match. It also has good fun with air combos something many fighters lack. I would have liked to see better story to connect with the charachters, but hey how many fighters really do that. If your a fan of fighting games I would highly suggest adding this to your library. It's too bad it did'nt have more advertisement it deserved a larger following. Hey sega how about an updated version of this game. Now that your games are on multiple consoles this game has a chance to shine in the spotlight.