Destoryed all Promise for a franchise with alot of Potential.

User Rating: 1 | Fighting Force 2 DC
The orginal Fighting Force was a game you either loved or hated. Personaily I liked the game because it was the pionneer of true 3D Beat'em up's. Yeah it was flawed but if you got into it you could find a really fun game that was quite mindless but it had satisfaction. But Fighting Force 2 could be described as the Perfect Game to kill off your franchise in the worst way possible. Fighting Force 2 could also be described as the worst sequel to any game in history. No joke this game is absoulty terrible in everyway possible as it can't decide if it wants to be a Stealth Game or a Beat'em Up. Now this time you play as Hawk Mason only. As the game focuses only on him Fighting Force 2 has a more story like apporch as Hawk has been genetically enhanced to save the world. The cutscenes actully look really promising but lets get into the gameplay. Fighting Force 2 has some God Awful controlls. Hawk Controlls like a Tank and it seems like he has Led Feat. His Punches also look more like Tiny Slaps than a real Punch. Yeah he can Pick up Guns and other weapons but they are so hard to use it's not even worth it. The objectives in the game are as Generic as they can be. Such as Jumping from One Place to another or Destorying Computers. The games directions do a really crappy job on finding out what your objectives are supposed to be. The game also has a stealth element but it's almost impossible to use because of it's Broken controls. The envioronments are very generic as it justs results with boring Factories or Bases. Overall Fighting Force 2 is a game you should just avoid. It's awful controlls,Generic Missions and Retarded Stealth elements are a reason not to play. If you want a Good Stealth Game go Play Metal Gear Solid. If you want a Good Beat'em up Go Play Dynamite Cop,Zombie Revenge,Sword of the Berserk or the Orginal Fighting Force. A true Reason to avoid this abysmal disaster.