Good game, Good Graphic, Bad Control, Bad Story, it's that simple.

User Rating: 7.5 | Fighting Force 2 DC
This game has a good graphic for that time. But it has a bad control, it\'s hard for my younger family to play it. But other than that, this game is pretty cool. Better than it\'s predecessor (Fighting Force 1) and better than Final Fight. This game is one of my favorite game in dreamcast. Too bad it only released for playstation and dreamcast. Maybe eidos need to remake this game to make it better than this. But other than that all, this game is not all that bad. Seriously, it has a good graphic, good camera, good gameplay. The problem of this game is the control and the story. It has a boooooring story. But this game is better if we can play it up to 2 player, with co-op mode.

This game is good for a collection, if you bored and no other game to play, try this game. Add it to your collection, play it, enjoy it.