A few controller adjustments and a bit more of a twist to the story line and it would get a better rating by far

User Rating: 8.3 | Fighting Force 2 DC
Most prefer the other versions but to me, they are rubbish and this is the best. It has the great dreamcast graphics, (but not it's best capabilities) and like tomb raider uses both directional pads to control the layer and not the A B X Y buttons. The saving system is frustrating when you think you have completed the level and you have to switch off, but you haven't and you can't save. Also the loading system is rubbish and will refuse to load the game unless there is enough blocks to save another game. The story line get's a bit boring. you jut end up at some place and work ypur way around killing people.

Go for tis game if you are building up your collection. If not, go for the resident evils and tomb raiders first.