A no-frills 3D action shooter.

User Rating: 5.3 | Fighting Force 2 DC
OK, i'm completely through this game, and I still don't know how to save a game... There has to be a way, because there's a "load game" option at the start screen. The first time I played this game, I played for like 45 minutes before I died. During that time, I looked for save spots, couldn't find any, and I tried all of the buttons, checked the options screen, etc... still nothing. When I died, it started me over at a checkpoint, so I figured maybe it just saves automatically. But when I started over the next day, NOPE, had to start over at the beginning. It feels like an old school NES fighter, where you'd better finish it, or start over at the beginning. Luckily there's a cheat that allows you to start at any level. That completely saved me from putting it under my car tire and peeling out over it. I bought the disk only, so i'm assuming there's SOMETHING in the manual explaining how to save. That's an assumption, and still, they should have made it a little more obvious.

Other than that, nothing really stands out with this game. It's not a horrible game, but not a very memorable one either. The gameplay is average. Moving around and punching, kicking and shooting isn't bad, but changing weapons and turning around can be a bit of a pain. The graphics are relatively good. But the camera angles can suck at times. There were times i'd jump in a pit, and I'd be unable to see my feet, or more importantly the explosive mine right next to my feet, and i'd step right on it. Other than that the graphics & sound were pretty good. The storyline is kind of WTF unless you really pay attention, which I didn't because it really wasn't that interesting. That, and I was still focusing most of my attention on figuring out how to save the damn game.