Hardcore, Old School, Ruthless RPG.

User Rating: 10 | Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain DS
Way too hard for your average DS demographic. Anyone that has read and played through the fighting fantasy novels or sat at the game table playing Steve Jackson's Warlock of Firetop Mountain will appreciate this old school masterpiece, but anyone more in-tune with Metroid won't. This game is about surviving a dungeon crawl with scarce resources, difficult enemies that continually respawn and a burning desire to simply try and run through to the next area! But old school RPG means grind it out, and that's exactly what you must do. I think this game would have been suited greatly as a psp title or an arcade download for the hardcore gamer, but the DS? Are there that many like me playing a DS? Anyone wishing to give this one a try, just be warned, you are not playing Dungeon Explorer or even Orcs & Elves for that matter. You are solving a hugely complicated and seemingly never ending puzzle / obstacle course that can kill you around every corner or behind every door. There is no sure safe way, no gauranteed way to arm yourself and easily slice your way to the top of Firetop to battle the warlock. Nope. Play, play smart, determined and get lucky and you may go a little further each time you play. So put down the Pokeman, man up and see what it takes to reach of Firtetop Mountain.