The GS Reviewer LIES

User Rating: 8 | Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain DS
I've said it on other sites and I'll say it again here. Almost every review I've seen by 'site employees' (any site) has been harsh which leads me to believe that the developers of this game didn't pay off enough people because this game is enjoyable even if not without its small failings. It reminds me of Elder Scrolls as it's been presented on a number of cell phones. And just HOW ON EARTH can you complain about the movement controls, when you gave Metroid Prime Hunters a high rating... WITH THE VERY SAME CONTROLS? (at least for walking and shoot which is what most reviewers are blabbering about.... They make NO SENSE at all.

Of course I rate games on their own achievements, NOT compared to any other game but on it's entertainment value. IMHO you can not rate one game against another UNLESS they are both made by the same development team, using the same graphics, Graphic engine, battle mechanics and so forth...

I ask myself: Does it transport me to another place (in my mind) and provide a break from this real world? If the answer is YES, it deserves at LEAST a 7. I also enjoyed Orcs and Elves which while not a technological achievement as far as graphics or battle mechanics go, or even story line was still entertaining... Most people forget... D&D was entertaining but had NO story what so ever, besides the ones we gave them...., had NO graphics at all, and what would NOW be considered a highly dated battle system... yet many of us old tymer Dungeon Crawlers would still enjoy a good Ol' romp in the Dank, Dark, Deep, Dungeon now and again.... and they give THIS a bad rating?
'BALLS said the Queen, the King Laughed... He HAD to.. I mean, He Had... two....

Donkey Balls I say!