The GS reviewer is out to lunch. If you like old school hack and slash games this game is just plain FUN!

User Rating: 8.5 | Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain DS
The fact the developers managed to get a full 3D environment working on the DS is astounding!
If anyone is a fan of the old Hack and Slash type RPG's from the late 90's (Like Lands of Lore or Elder Scrolls: Dagerfall) this game is an absolute gem.
I'll admit that my expectations for the game were fairly low when I purchased it but within seconds of playing the game I was blown away.
The controls are not as good as a PC or a modern console because we don't have a real mouse or dual analog sticks but given the limitations of the DS the control scheme is innovative and easily the best 3D navigation controls that I've seen yes.
The comparison to Oblivion is not far off but I'm also reminded of the first Diablo. Very typical of ARPG's the story is kept light in favour of a explore-kill-loot cycle that remains satisfying even today.