The closest thing to Oblivion:Elder Scrolls on the NDS, but dont expect a Elder Scrolls port for the NDS

User Rating: 7.5 | Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain DS
REVIEW: Fighting Fantasy NDS
By: 12philip12
Genre: 1st Person Action Adventure RPG

Story : You start the game as an adventurer, traveling to the Fire Mountain to Get the treasure of Zarog the Warlock, he is a powerful Middelaged man with one arm who lives deep in the mountains, but he has a huge army of Trolls and Orcs that he uses to burn down villages.

Gameplay: Well, it plays pretty good actually, dungeon crawling and killing your enemies feels good, there is a lot of equipment and you can upgrade your skills pretty much, it actually has all the good standards for an RPG

Controls: The controls are good and bad at the same time, you walk with the D-Pad, move the camera with the ABYX buttons or the Touch Screen, that goes pretty good actually, but the combat is the bad thing, because,
you can use your weapon with L and R (both different commands) but when walking with the D-Pad, the R button is pretty hard to push right.
You can also fight with the touch screen, there you can push the weapon icon to fight but that only has one battle command while you actually need two, also you use your Magic and Potions by touching the icon on the touch screen but (especially with Magic) when you push the Attack/Magic button, you slightly change your direction (because you also use the Camera with the touch screen) (btw. it sucks when you attack with the L and R button because then you need to change your hand position if u want to use Magic or Potions which requires use of the Touch Screen).

Presentation: It looks pretty good for a NDS game, its all 3D and beautiful, only the characters are 2D so you cant get behind them, also you're own hand,weapon,magic are 2D but the Area around you is beautiful and 3D

Notes/Some Cool/Stupid Features: There is very much to do, the world is very big, there are many quests, there is an autosave feature which is really awesome(at some points there also are Save points so that you dont have to use the autosave feature) ,its pretty hard so a good place for noobies to learn whats needed, there is alot of magic

Conclusion: for me, it was very fun to play this game as it has much things from Oblivion Elder Scrolls, and at the same time it still is very different, i also liked the fact that this game was very challenging and had many things to do, theres much to do in this game. Im very glad that a game like this finally reached the NDS, it really blinks out, The things that i find less is that the controls are having their ups and downs, and that in some cases the hardness is stressing me out.

This game is Just what the NDS needed...

All Lined up:
-Story = 6.5
-Gameplay = 7.5 / 8.0
-Controlls = 7.0
-Presentation = 7.5 / 8.0
-Notes/Some cool/stupid Features = 7.5
-Conclusion = 7.5

its a 7.3 (made into a 7.5)
i hope my Review was helpful (was my first one)

ThankYou and Bye