There are a few first-person RPG games on the DS, and this is definitely the best one so far.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain DS
While Sony and Microsoft slowly catch up to Nintendo's control innovations, on the DS, it's heaven, and now it's got another genre NAILED, thanks to Big Blue Bubble; The first-person RPG. There are a couple other games in this genre on the DS, but frankly, they just aren't as polished as this.

Fighting Fantasy offers a huge game with plenty to do. It's your basic dungeon crawler with dwarves and orcs and the like, but the very detailed world, well written dialogue, and easily managed character sheets and inventory make it all that much more appealing.

You have two control options at your disposal - you can either play without the stylus, and use the XYBA buttons to look around, and the L+R buttons to attack, or look with the stylus, and use L and an onscreen "attack" button for your alternate attack. Either way works out pretty well, with the stylus option being a bit harder to master at first. It's worth mastering though, because things like navigating dialogue, menus, and lockpicking screens will have you whipping the stylus back out often. The controls are very well done, and I'd say the system itself is the only thing dragging it down, although in my opinion the very simple combat system hardly makes two attack buttons necessary or practical, and they should have just made the one button do a combo attack.

There isn't much else to say about Fighting Fantasy. It doesn't break any molds, and that is really it's biggest weakness - we've seen enough tired fantasy cliches, so to keep going with them kind of backs you into a corner of only appealing to gamers who aren't sick of looking at orcs. But other than that, this is a polished game with lots of entertainment value, and I think it makes a case for Big Blue Bubble to go off and create an original IP.