Fighters Megamix Cheats For Saturn

  1. Secret Options

    Press L and START on the character select screen.

    Contributed by: Captain Doormat 

  2. Mini-Game (JP Version)

    Delete all Fighters Megamix saved game files. Complete courses A through H. Course I must not be completed. Place OK marks on 1200 moves in training. Go to course I and press L. A screen full of question marks will appear. Find the two matching pictures to view a picture of Janet. Complete the mini-game again to view her without armor. Complete the mini-game again to view her with less clothing.

    Contributed by: Justoid27 

  3. Change music in Training Mode

    While in Training Mode, press START and then L or R to change the background music.

    Contributed by: Sailor Amaya 

  4. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat course A with any charatcer, then highlight Candy and press X or Z. Alternate outfits for Candy
    Complete course E Bean and Bark
    Beat all courses Change training dummy
    Complete course G Deku
    Beat any course Extra Options Menu
    Load the game disc on the Saturn at least 30 times, then select Kumachan by pressing X. Fight as Niku
    Complete course I Hornet
    Play 100 rounds Hyper Mode
    Complete course D Janet
    Complete course B Kids Akira and kids Sarah
    Play the game for 84 hours. Then, choose Kuma with the Z button, and you will play as the tree. Play as the AM2 Tree
    Complete course F Rentahero
    Complete course H Siba
    Complete course C Ura Bahn

    Contributed by: ZMetatron, siegfriedmaster, IHZer0, Justoid27, Joon, Truck_1_0_1_ 

  5. Misc. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Santa costume for Bark Highlight Bark and press A+B+C.
    Clean Pause Pause the game and press X+Y+Z.
    No damage option Play 500 rounds.

    Contributed by: Captain Doormat, IHZer0 

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Fighters Megamix Cheats For

  1. Unlockable Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete course 3. Hornet
    Complete course 2 Janet
    Complete course 1 Kids Sarah
    Complete course 4 Siba

    Contributed by: Xeon 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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