Badly designed + Great idea = Sad, disappointing results. It would have been good if anyone tried in it's creation.

User Rating: 5.1 | 3D Kakutou Tsukuru 2 PS2
There is really no other way to rate this game. It's more of a tool than anything else and as a tool, it holds different value for different people. I always loved games that allow for some kind of customization or designing, because I've always been interesting in such things as 3D animation. Unfortunately, this game fell very short of what it could have been. You could see that this "game" wasn't given nearly as much effort in it's creation as it should have and that's a shame because I could imagin how great this game could have been if they only bothered to try a little harder. Of course, it might not nessesaryly be the developer's fault entirely because until the time I bought this game, I've never heard of anyone attempting to create such a program for a consule. It must of be amazingly difficult time and money wise to try and stuff in all that potential for customization. In effect maybe this lead the development team to be forced to release it as empty as it was. Maybe the project was simply too much at once for them.

Whatever the reason for this "game"'s shortcoming there is not denying that it fell rediculously short of everyone's expectations. The entire thing was a waste of time. I loved the ability to create your own moves from scratch, animations and everything, but that was all this game was good for. I spent weeks creating one good, balanced fighter with my own custom made moves and yet I had no one to fight with. As far as character models go, the game only had few (like three or four) badly designed costumes to choose from for each gender. I would much rather had seen the character costume designing feature something as or more extensive as the one featured in the much later game title "Soul Calibur 3". There was also a complete lack of special effects (lazor beam, fire, fog, glow) to throw into the mix if you wanted add some flare like in the fighting game we're so use to today. The music was terrible as were the limited amount of sound effects that could be given to your character's punches and kicks. The arena your charcters could fight in were so bland I got bored before the fights began.

To be frank this "game" was an almost complete bore unless you have to have an overwelming need to animate. I am saddened everytime I think about how great this game could have been if someone had only tried to build it right.

If it needs so much memory why don't they put it on the PC? Why didn't they make it online so people who actually spent the required hour to create their prize (but fair balanced) characters could face them off in combat? Why didn't they actually put any thought to how many option players might want in terms of having their charaters look different? Why didn't this thing come with good instructions? Why isn't there a way to design, download, or at least aquire improved content like backgrounds, arenas, sound effects, armor/clothing/hairstyle/ect., and other special effects?

All very good questions with no answers. Fighter Maker 2 was just a joke compare to what it could have been. I would recommend this game (if you can find it anymore) to be purchased at a discount if you are seriously deeply interest in creating animations for hours on end and even then don't expect to much. For all of the other people who are interests in casual gameing, however, I recommend you avoid this one like the plague.