If you like Fight Night Round 3 or just love boxing this game is for you.

User Rating: 10 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
I will keep this short and sweet. With the exception of the typically looked down upon face button controls removed everything else in this game shines superior to an already better than Fight Night Round 3. Better physics, graphics, sounds, story mode, and overall game play. With the exception of a few small bugs (at the end decisions are typically one sided and a handful of boxers missing). If you don't like boxing or hate the fact you really don't use buttons like in a typicall fighting based game (I remind you this is not a fighting game, but a sports simulator) this game probably isn't for you. However for boxing fans and people who generally enjoy sports simulators this game is great and by and large the best boxing game to grace the universe. Don't believe me? Then play the demo and try for yourself, I myself love the game simple as that.