Fight night round 3 is awesome

User Rating: 9.5 | Fight Night Round 3 PSP
Okay fight night round 3 brings a lot to the table.

Graphics are a 9.5/10 Graphics for this game is good for a handheld. I have not seen a glitch the whole time I have been playing.

Music 8.0/10 this is my only complaint. I really don't like the music and there is not much of a variety. To little songs and you can't import your own songs.... Darn

Game play 10/10 fluent motion and no lag at all.

On-line play well that was brought down a while ago

Addicting when first picked up. Create your own character or even rebuild a boxers career. Quick play is great with great selection of boxers from different weight classes. You can even relive some of boxing history.

This game is a great play from the start and really recommend it to people.

Only if they would have imported Fight night round 2 for the psp. Now that was a great fight night game. But Fight night round 3 comes in for a close 2nd