Not really any better than Round 2, the features and glory of Xbox360 are shaved off and we're left with shaving scum.

User Rating: 8 | Fight Night Round 3 PS2
You can't really judge Round 3 for PS2 because it wasn't made for PS2, it was made for XBox360 and PS2 couldn't keep up. All the new facial features and realistic punch effects are AWAL in the PS2 versions, and we're left with Round 2: Rematch or something.

The Pros: The music is pretty good, usually I can't stand EA Sports music. "Gonna throw a pass, catch it, 7 points, we win the game, ohhhhh" type shee-ite. Overall game remains the best boxing game for the past 5 years. The Burger King as a trainer? Word.

The Cons: Look, this game is fun as balls to play, but there are still so many things wrong with it. The fighters bleed from every orafice, crying blood like stigmata. They don't fall down, they collapse like wet clothes. This rag doll crap can be improved, how many fighters usually land on their face AND their feet and then start convulsing? Then there's this block and counter crap they've added. Look, when your punch is blocked in boxing, you don't stand there stunned with your face stuck out, awaiting punishment. I've thrown jabs that were blocked and countered with 4 hooks before I could recover. Stood there, mouth open, taking punch after punch unable to move because my tiny jab was expected.

The "power" punches are worthless. They take about 5 seconds of winding up before delivering, and if they are countered which they always are, you might as well lay down and start counting to 10 yourself.

Then there's the BS flash KO's and trying to end your opponent, being hit once, and suddenly you're about to be knocked out even though you haven't been touched all day. It's just.... this game can be greatly improved.