Boxing! The Sweet Science. Is this game a Knock Out or a Thrown Towel?

User Rating: 8 | Fight Night Round 3 PSP
Ok here we are with Fight Night Round 3. I have to say first off I am not big of a boxing fan, I have tried to get into boxing in real life, but its so many weight classes and belts to keep up with. I bought this game due to the hype of the Mayweather - Pacio fight that never happened. This game allows you to either chose a boxing legend, a current star or create your own boxer. I went with the boxing legend Lil Mac from the Punch Out series. The controls are a little difficult to learn. Every button on the PSP has a function in this game. So it is a science to actually learn and memorize different punches, blocks & counters. After 12 rounds my thumbs are really in pain so I can only get about 3 or 4 bouts in before I have to turn the PSP off and rest. Career mode has a nice set up. As you move up in the ranks you can except different fight contracts and train for them before the fight. Sometimes training can help you, sometimes it can hurt you. Also while moving up the ranks you age, so you have to choose your fight contracts wisely. The game gets really interesting once you start winning & defending titles. You can not defend these title forever, because again your boxer ages & younger faster contenders will eventually challenge for the belts you hold. The AI in this game is pretty smart. You cant just button mash & hope to win a fight. The presentation of the game is good for the PSP, although the soundtrack is kinda whack, has music from artist that were never really pushed. Some I know of, some I do not. Other than the thumb cramping controls the game is worth buying if you are a boxing fan or if you want to learn a little more about boxing which is something I did. I learned a lot about boxing It was a learning experience. Download this game when you see it.

If you have the game or interested in the game text me at 904-476-5282 and we can talk from there.