Tape up your hands and get your gloves on its Fight Night. Round 3.

User Rating: 7.5 | Fight Night Round 3 PSP
Fight Night Round 3 is EA's third installement in the Fight Night series but the first for the PSP. No real background to this game except boxing history. All your favorite boxers like Muhammad Ali and Oscar Del La Hoya are here. But, sadly Mike Tyson is not featured in the game which is a big bummer for boxing fans. Some would call this game a port but it is a completely different game then its console brothers. This is both a bad and good thing. For starters you can't use the dual analog controls for the total punch aspects.

Gameplay is where Fight Night Round 3 really shines and dissapoints. To begin with there is an array of modes to choose from. The first of which is play-now mode which of course throws you into a match instantly. There is also a career mode where you can take a boxer or make your very own boxer through. Youll start as an amateur and have to work your way up to gain rank and money in the boxing industry. You sign a contract, hire a trainer and cutman, train your boxer, design your ring entrance, and finally, fight. You can buy your boxer new stats and new gear like boxing gloves and shorts. These new items boost your fighters stats. The create your own boxer mode is very innovative and youll want to give it a try. To go along with the different fight styles there are many boxing arenas to choose from like the Staple Center. Last but not least is the rival mode where the game allows you to recreate some of the most famous bouts in history which is really neat for boxing fans. Something that really hurts the game is the control scheme. It really takes some time to get use to moving your boxer using the analog stick and using the D-pad to throw punches. Also the lack of minigames in this version of the game hurt it. What should put Fight Night Round 3 on the PSP on the top is the online mode. But, sadly the online mode is absolutely attrosous. Youll constantly find yourself lagging and more than often disconnected in the middle of a fight which can be very frustrating.

Fight Night Round 3 really looks good on the PSP. Framerate is solid (unless your playing on the laggy online mode of course) and boxers look similar to their real life counterparts. Slow-mo replays where you see your boxer knocking out the opponent really looks fantastic. You can actually see the blood, sweat, and tears of your boxer pouring down his face not to mention the big bulging bruises these beasts get while in action. Boxing arenas look great with lights flashing and advertisements in the background.

While playing Fight Night Round 3 your treated to a bunch of hip hop music which recycle frequently on the games menu screen. You can slightly hear the punching noises and your boxer shuffling. EA should have paid more attention in the sound department. Commentary in this game is pretty good. Although the commentator talks a lot he says these that are actually interesting and worth listening to but it can get a tad reduntand. Every now and then you will here trainers yell to your boxer which is pretty neat as well.

With many types of game play like Rival Mode, Play-Now Mode, Online Play, Ad-Hoc, Create-a-boxer, and many more you will fill hours and hours of time playing Fight Night Round 3. With a $39.99 price which is pretty decent the value holds up pretty well. If the laggy online play is fixed then you can really play this game for an endless amount of time.

All in all for the first boxing game and first attempt for EA on the PSP Fight Night Round 3 is a solid game. Some minor and major flaws really hurt this game however but they can get over it. The controls take awhile to get use to but are not impossible and hopefully EA will fix the laggy gameplay. Boxing fans and non boxing fans alike should pick up Fight Night Round 3 for the PSP.