Promoter Mode Please!

User Rating: 9 | Fight Night Round 2 XBOX
This is a great game, but it feels like something is missing. The only complaint I have about this game is that there is no "promoter mode". I have all the knockout kings games, and the career mode is always the same. You start at the bottom and you climb your way up the ranks. I love it but it needs more flare. Madden's "owner mode" now that is a career mode. But It's hard to say what is missing in Round 2 because after all it still comes down to boxing. I would like to see licensed belts, such as the IBF,WBC, & WBA. A way were you pick your promoter and have to get fights for your fighter. A "Ring" magazine option, like done in NCAA football 2005, where they had the Sports Illustrated magazine. The boxing itself is perfect I would like to see the out of boxing career mode more beefed up, to give you more of a "Every-Fight-Counts" feeling. It doesn't matter what EA does next because I'll buy it anyway, but a career mode with more depth & excitement would have to make this one of the best video games of all-time.