Ring the bell and I'm comin' out SWING SWING!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Fight Night Champion PS3
I've always liked boxing but Fight Night made me appreciate it. The first one I played was Fight Night Round 3 and it was probably the best looking boxing game ever made. Fight Night Champion is better in many aspects. There's a story mode called Champion where you take the role of Andre Bishop. His rise, his fall and his return. This story is actually really well done, minus the mini games. The characters are great, the story itself is just amazing. It's almost like Rocky meets Undisputed meets Never Back Down (minus the MMA). Andre Bishop is not a real person but he might as well be because the actor who plays him looks like him. The soundtrack is really good too but in my opinion, I think Fight Night Round 3 had the better music even though it was only a few songs. A lot of favorite fighters from several different weight classes are in this game as well so you will see your favorites. I spent so many hours on the story... mainly because some of the fights are so long and sometimes very difficult. You would think the characters in the story mode are terrible but none of them are. The story is basically just about a boxer who was well-known, he was a great fighter and his career went rock bottom when he was arrested on a charge that involved assault with a police officer who attacked Andre first. Prison fights are in this game and it is intense. All up to the last fight with a heavyweight named Isaac Frost. I have never played a boxing game with a story so vivid. Fight Night Champion did it good