User Rating: 8.5 | Fight Night Champion PS3
Fight Night Champion, what can I say? It was a great game. I really never played the games from the Fight Night Series, but this game impressed me. The control scheme is very good and makes the boxing experience feel realistic. Both the right stick and buttons work very well for gameplay. The only thing that takes away from the experience is that a lot of the time, I TKO my opponents like in the 6th or 7th round. I like a long 10 or more round boxing match. The graphics and character models are outstanding, some of the fighters look realistic. I love the fact the game has some boxing legends, which makes it cool to put some legends against great fighters of today. Playing with Mike Tyson is so freakin' awesome! They should've included a bite ear button for him, Lol. Champion mode has a great but short storyline. Taking Andre Bishop from fighting in jail to fighting his way to the top of the heavyweight division was really fun, but I wanted much more from the story. Legacy mode is a good career mode. You can choose an already existing fighter or create your own fighter and make him the greatest boxer. Build his stats, train and schedule your matches along the way to reach the top. Online is also good and sharing fighters is cool too, bringing more boxers to the game. Overall, I enjoyed the game. I just wanted more out of it. I will though definitely buy the next Fight Night game released by EA.