Best boxing game to date, its the boxing game you've been waiting for.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fight Night Champion X360
Its the boxing game youve been waiting for with improved controls, and great roster of boxers.

Gameplay: In previous games you could only use the nobs to punch, and in early ps2 games, you could only use the face buttons. In this game, both are functional, you can punch with the nobs or the face buttons.

Graphics: Great, best looking boxing title so far.

Roster: Probably the main reason you pick up a title like this. Its got a great mix of current boxers and legendary boxers like joe frazier, mohammed ali, chavez, de la hoya, and current greats like pacquiao.
DLC: the downloadable boxers you can buy, are also great boxers, you can buy old school boxers you only see in history tapes like Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, etc.

Story: Great story , diffrerent modes to play, but the legendary mode is a bit annoying with , a few dificult training issues. But if your like me, i only play story, fight now, and online. Great game.

Summary: Great pick up and have fun gameplay, realistic graphics, great roster of fighters, great controls, great game.