I am Jack's oozing boil of a game.

User Rating: 2.4 | Fight Club PS2
Seriously, how could VU Games screw this one up? Out of spite?! Fight Club should have been the easiest movie tie-in game to make of all time. All they had to do was make or license a passable fighting game and slap "Fight Club" on it. The quality control guys at Vivendi should have taken one look at this turd, fired the development team and just went out and licensed the engine for Virtua Fighter or something. It's not as if Vivendi Universal has a shortage of cash to blow.

Oh wait I forgot... you can see bones breaking in this game, so it should get some points for innovation, right? Uh, no. It's just for show and it's pointless because instead of illustrating the intensity of bare-knuckle fighting it just adds to the unintentional comedy quotient of this stupid game.

This game is so god-awful that I'm sure that prolonged exposure to it can cause blindness, herpes, chapped-lips, rickets, impotence in mice, and hemorrhaging of your common sense.