i'ts................an okay game 2 play

User Rating: 7 | Fight Club XBOX
"Gentlemen Welcome to Fight Club"

Fight Club the movie was awsome but the game they could of done it better if they tried more.They made the previews of fight club look good but just couldn't satisfy certain fans of Fight Club.The game starts off with a AWSOME intro 2 set u off dat this game will rule.In my opinion fight club iz a good multiplayer game when u really want 2 piss off ur friend cause they don't know how 2 play :). Fight Club's soundtrack rocks 2 plus it's better 2 play fight club 4 XBOX in which u get 2 listen 2 ur own soundtracks during fights so dat kicks ass too.But da "Create a Fighter" mode they also could've done better all u can do is choose a fighting stance,skin color,type of pants 2 wear,then stats thats it nothing else,2 be honest the create mode in the game sucks."Theater Mode" you can unlock videos when you beat Arcade Mode with the Fight Club Fighters.The Game also has unlockable characters which you can unlock when u beat Story Mode or Arcade Mode.Now 4 Story Mode the story mode you only use the fighter u created.It starts off with a cool fight cutscene but later when u play the cutscenes start 2 turn 2 slideshows with them talking so dats not good 4 a fight club story mode,plus the story iz confusing when u r a new member of Fight Club and u r trying 2 find Tyler during da whole story mode.The story mode shouldn't take u less then 20 minutes to beat.Now what is so awsome about the Fight Club Game is the bone-breaking grapples.you get 2 break their neck,arm,and back when ur opponent iz on danger.Fight Club iz a fun game when u take all the negatives out and start playing thinking of the positives.