Don't waste you're hard earned money on this poor excuse of a game.

User Rating: 1.8 | Fight Club PS2
I was really psyched when I got to know that Fight Club was being turned into a game.I was expecting Edward Norton,Brad Pitt or even Helena Bonham Carter,what I got in return really surprised me.None of the main characters were in the game,or atleast I think so...because the animation,especially of the face,is so poor...that you might mistake it for an Atari Jaguar game.The only character who I recognised from the movie was meatloaf,and who dosen't want an oversized man with femanine features fighting you in a duel.Oh,and there's a special appearance by Fred Durst of all people,I have to tell you that having my ears shattered with his constant screeches in the tune of the Dust Brothers was the most fulfilling experiance in the game (NAH).Putting Durst's music in the game would itself garner negative reactions from the public,but to have him be a playable character in the game is pure psychotic.

Anyways,this is one of the most pathetic movie tie-in's don't even think of buying it.It's not evem in the "Big Rigs" kind's so bad,it's good...territory.