This game is ok but it had more potential than just ok.

User Rating: 6 | Fight Club XBOX
Well first off the game's story is nothing short of a failure.The story is told by a few badly made cutscenes that you wont understand at all unless you seen the movie. I believe the storyline took me 10 minutes to beat. That is no exaggeration. The game is fun after you start to figure out how to break bones and stuff on the character that you are fighting against. This is not that easy considering the game never clearly states how you are supposed to do this, i had to look that up on the internet. When you create a character it is fun to watch them get better and better. It will take awhile for your person to even be able to fight though, that is slightly anoying. The graphics are good but you can not base a game off of graphics alone. All in all this game was fun and not a horrible buy for the price but if i could go back i would not buy the game again. The game has some fun to be had but there are a lot of better games out that you can spend your money on.