Again...Konami kicks EAs Ass

User Rating: 6.8 | 2006 FIFA World Cup Deutsch Taikai PSP people can give this a game a rating above 7.0.
Its so damn lame. Of course...the world cup feeling is great..blablabla, but for example the animation while you play looks so crappy and not as far as good as konami...It's like years back on the snes, where ea did those small little players(Fifa 97) and Konami did those great looking players(ISS).
Okay Ea gets some pluspoints....the ingame-sequences like celebrating a goal really looks great and its easy to play...but again EA did an arcade soccer game...nothing more. I hope for a time, where EA finally sees, that they need more parts of a simulation...cause thats one of the things that Konami is ahead of them