i found this game to be very fun, but maybe for the people who dont like soccer there isnt much here.

User Rating: 7.9 | FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 X360
well when i first played the game, the first thing i noticed where the frustrating controls. it was hard for me to find out wat i was doing and before i new it i was losing to my friend 5 to 0 without even knowing wat happened. The controls aren't impossible and once u get it down the game can be very enjoyable. The graphics are pretty good , when it shows close ups and grass swaying with the wind it does a very good job but its still not possible to tell some people apart from other during the actual gameplay.

The game is much funner playing with friends, and gets old quickly if u decide to play too long. (well maybe not for everybody) its always fun to pick ur favorite team and start a franchise with them and try to lead them to the world cup. For the sound, ehh, personally i dont pay too much attention to it because its a soccer game, the commentators r pretty good and usually hav a variety of things to say. overall i think ull enjoy this game if u paly or enjoying watching soccer, and if u dont, rent it first or play it at a friends house.