Best fifa to date

User Rating: 8.7 | FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 X360
This is by far the best fifa to date. I finally feel next gen with this game, whether it be the presentaion or the fluidity of the game play. They've really captured the look of most of the players quite well. The game is extremely fluid and they've changed the shooting. Shooting is much better now and easier to place your shots.

My first impressions were ' wow, they completely revamped this game ' and they really have. Players play with true to life playing styles, and the "star players" are back. Personally im a big fan of the star players thing because certain players do have that ability to dominate. Thierry Henry can simply knife through defenses with a little hesitation and a big speed burst, things of that nature are finally implemented into the gameplay. The crowds are great and include a WIDE variety of chants. I have yet to play with or against a friend, but have heard good things. This game is still no winning eleven but the gap is closing finally. I'd even go as far as to say its a small gap. overall a very fun game, and is the most accurate representation of soccer in the fifa series.